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Born Free

Brand Positioning

A World Without Boundaries

We have envisioned a world without borders, where the man lives in harmony with nature and becomes one with it. A simple and accessible world, yet made exclusive by the choices of a few. The boat becomes a means and a place at the same time. Opportunity for exploration and moment for reflection. Experience and sharing beyond customs.
Photographers & Videomakers: Alice Russolo, Alessandro Guerrieri.
The Shooting

A Journey In The Essence Of Sacs Rebel

For the shooting, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of Sacs Rebel, immersing ourselves in the raw beauty of four different locations. The captivating imagery served as the foundation for Sacs Rebel’s website and catalog, carrying potential owners in a world of boundless possibilities.
The Catalog

A Tactile Experience

The Rebel spirit extends beyond the pages of the catalogue. We meticulously selected a paper that exudes a raw material quality, reminiscent of far-off lands. Intricate hot foil stamping, UV printing, and serigraphy on colored paper further enhance the tactile experience, bringing the Rebel story to life.
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