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Beat yesterday awards

Garmin Beat Yesterday Awards

Every year, Garmin Italy honors the stories and individuals who have defied their limits with the Beat Yesterday Awards. Over time, the event has evolved to seamlessly adapt to new challenges. It began as an award to professional athletes, then transformed into a contest that celebrates everyday individuals with unwavering, inspiring passions.
Videomaker: Igor D’India, Francesco Andreoli, Massimiliano Santillo, Patrick Invernici, Jacopo Zomparelli, Matteo Zanga, Backstage: DigitalDodo, Pietro Bianchi
Telelombardia, Spazio Gessi Milano, Villa Necchi Campiglio
The event has brought together renowned athletes like Filippo Ganna, Alex Zanardi, Simone Moro, Hervé Barmasse, and Max Sirena.

Art Direction

Red Hot has been a partner of Garmin Italy since the very beginning of this initiative. We’ve taken an active role in the art direction, designing everything from the coordinated image to the prizes themselves. The Beat Yesterday Awards are true shows, and that’s why we’ve built stages that have hosted outstanding presenters like Linus and Davide Camicioli.

The Power Of Storytelling

To bring to life authentic and inspiring stories, we provide a platform for the protagonists to share their remarkable experiences through videos that are showcased during the ceremony.
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