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Portraits Of Heroes


On the Wrist of Big Challenges

Are there really limits to what a human being can do? Or are they just mere impositions of the mind? The unknown remains unknown until it is discovered. The real failure is not trying, giving up, not getting back up after a defeat.
Photographer: Dario Belingheri, Ivan Benedetto, Luca Bettini, Roberto Bettini, Pietro Bianchi, Ilario Biondi, Carlo Borlenghi, Giancarlo Colombo, Arthur Daniel, Luis Angel Gomez, Piotr Morawski, Raffaele Origone, Cory Richards, Francesca Sanlorenzo, Luigi Sestili, Rick Tomlinson, Matteo Zanga
Simone Moro, Filippo Ganna, Elia Viviani, Thor Hushovd, Alessandro Ballan, Richard Carapaz, Michel Kwiatkowski, Vincenzo Nibali, Stefano Baldini, Giovanni Soldini

Change the Present, Make History

This publication is dedicated to all those people who, with their desire to change the present, have made history. Snapshots of achievements, hard work, pain, defeats and victories. Moments that will remain indelible forever, captured by great photographers.

In Victories and Defeats

Garmin Italy is there. In victories and defeats. On the wrist of those who have the courage to push themselves further and look to the future with curious eyes and an adventurous spirit. Together with those who never stop.
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